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Jonquera - DARKOS LP

Bamboo Show

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Raw, time-travelling industrial pheasantry LP from Lyon - Pilotwings aka Jonquera coming with some real dankness -

Limited Edtion served up on red marbled 180g wax, with blood painted artwork and an A4 insert -

Following up two compilation tapes, the Bamboo Show label have come through with their first bit of wax here, and what a great way to kick things off.

Occultist styled doom and industrial strength rhythmic cores find solace as well as stress in this record, a 14 track piece that was apparenlty recorded in the space of a week, DARKOS goes through many motions, excellently pacing through heartbeat ambience, orkish drums and middle-of-the-night-in-a-forest type moods. Harking back at ancient themes with a hi-tek lens, the record feels like it is constantly throbbing, and fizzing, shifting shapes through dark and dangerous motives, through to elevated moments.

Hard to pick a favourite here, the record really feels 'as one' in the way it shifts from track to track so elegantly, but the downbeat trod of Bénédictin is very well executed and worth the pennies for this already.
That's only the third track in, next up things to fogged out as hell, straight through the mists of time with Saint Cotson, before we land at more meditative zones with Pouir, and loose ourselves in Clotses.
Around half way through, the clockwork begins to tighten it's grip once more, with Pont dé Djabe bringing the earthly grit, before the chugging reggaeton rhythms get hacked through the blue hours with Veurtsio on Track 10.
We'll stop describing now, in the hope that you'll just listen through this record in one go and see for yourself, how finely this trip has been executed, and how this particular balancing act of evil, and near-heavenly sounds plays out.

Big tip.

180g red marbled wax, ltd edition.
Comes with A4 insert and A6 download card.

1.Couvent dos Cordelieus
4.Saint Cotson
7.Don Bosco
8.Beutson Ardent
9.Pont de Djabe
12.Feune de D'main
14.Grand Deuc




Feune De D'main