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Jordan Peak - Drums For Days


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Absolutely belting club wares from Jordan Peak on the 'Instinkt Records' label outta Australia.

Tipped as one of the hottest breakthrough producers back in 2012 (by none other than Pete Tong) Mr. Peak has released a slew of records in the past few years, but, for our money, this is the best to date. Two original tracks and an essential instrumental of the lead track 'Holding On' are up for grabs here - ruffhaus styles born out of muscular breakbeat house and slightly polished, adding extra thump for big rigs.

'Holding on' is super stripped back, working an evolving vocal phrase around a chunky break, subtle Mobb Deep reference and that's about it, nothing else getting in the way so the killer bassline has a lot of room to breathe in the mix - This one is LOUD!

The instrumental version also features on this side if the vox aren't  your thing.

'Routine Anxiety' on the flip is equally impressive, the same stripped back approach lets the squarewave bass really take the front seat - no nonsense bangers for the club, just listen to clips and crank the volume up.


Holding on

Holding On (Instrumental)

Routine Anxiety