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Joy Orbison - Toss Portal EP

Toss Portal

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Big one this - Joy Orbison back with a new EP on a new label - Toss Portal.

Unless you've been living under a rock the last few weeks, you'll have seen and heard this one all over the place. Keeping a low profile the last year or so, he's back and damn it was worth waiting for!

Up top is the bruk-up techno gem 'Rid', effervescent synth stabs and killer shuffle ensure that this will get even the most avid anti dancers moving. It's followed by the intricate sonics of 'Walworth Window' which has a hint of more of recent Bruce productions to it which can't be a bad thing.

The flip offers up the slo-motion introspective cut of '98 Koln' and swiftly contrasts it with the big room thump of 'Rite Ov' - immaculate production as you'd expect and housed in a tasty looking sleeve.

Just stick the first track back on will you...


Walworth Window

98 Koln

Rite Ov