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JT The Goon - King Triton


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One of the originals in the grime scene drops a gold double pack of lethal instrumentals, following up on a crop of digital only free downloads over the last couple of years.

Former Slew Dem Crew member JT The Goon  treats us to 12 tracks here, 11 originals and a remix from Texan man of the moment, Rabit. The tracks here are sparse, well considered and utterly deadly - Armed with his weapon of choice, the Triton - we are taken through the OG styles of the title track before gliding off into the sino funk of ‘Winter Sun’.

‘Flight Mode’ references classic samples and twists them into contemporary shapes, inhabiting the same arena as the groundbreaking releases on the Different Circles label. Indeed the skill with which JT manipulates the limited source material that he has chosen and works it into bang up to date material, rather than re-hashing past glories is the real sign of an artist who is constantly looking forward while remaining faithful to his roots.

King Triton

Winter Sun

Flight Mode

50 Days