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Junior Cat - See Di Bobo Dread (Colonel Mustard 7'')

Colonel Mustard's

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Naram & Junior Cat, coming in wicked & wild style for the Colonel!

Always nice to see a new disc on the Jahtari-offshoot 7" label specialising in dancehall material, up-to-date, yet true to it's original form.

The legendary Wild Apache micman Junior Cat proves here once again that he can deliver, and while doing so he lays down a lesson for all aspiring dancehall massive and crew - do not forget the foundations!

Naram's Feline Riddim lays the ground for the lyrical fire here, and this one is bubbling and ready to burst at all seams -

Drop this one at loud volume, and don't touch the EQ's, because this one is sounding fully intact and ready for full impact!

Limited edition.

Junior Cat - See Di Bobo