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Junior Delgado - Storm Is Coming

DEB Music

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Golden Delgado corkers including rare dubs, produced by and reissued via Dennis Brown's DEB Music label!

Wicked, late 70's roots killers, with Delgado's 'Storm Is Coming' and it's subsequent dub version 'Cry Of The Destitute Version'... Riding those spring-reverbed snares and hi-hats with a turbulent bassline. Seriously authentic JA rastaman sounds right here.

Flip the disc, and 'Warrior Nuh Tarry Ya' awaits, with Delgado channeling some Jacob Miller style bounce on the vocal, including sliding guitars and bumpy horns. Upful, jazz-indebted roots, followed by a deejay cut with Ras Bug on the microphone, and a stripped version... Part 3 style!

Excellent record. Yes it's a bit pricey, but then it does beat the much-more-crazy prices this disc is getting in 2nd hand markets!

Storm Is Coming

Cry Of The Destitute Version

Warrior Nuh Tarry Yah

Ras Bug – Nuh Tarry Yah