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Junior Dread - Wonderful Feeling (Gorgon Sound / DJ Madd RMXs)

Moonshine Recordings

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Dubplate killer for a few years, now finally available on wax!

We've seen many a dance pop off when the Gorgon Sound remix of Junior Dread's seminal 'Wonderful Feeling' got dropped, and it's sure to spread many more good vibes in many more venues now that it's out there, available on a 12" disc.

Taking the vocal from the original Junior Dread production alongside Delmighty Sounds released a little while ago, Gorgon Sound lift up the energy levels to a new high with this fast paced stepper, filled to the brim melody and vocal harmony, chops and snare fills that keep up the momentum whilst an infective mid-bassline and a powerful sub keep up the pressure - this one is another Gorgon Sound treasure, and we all know that a Gorgon Sound track that makes it out of their notorious dubplate vaults is simply a must in the record bag!

Flip the disc, and Moonshine Recordings have pressed up DJ Madd's junglist touch to the Brazilian singer's 'Freedom' - Dubbing out the vocal, leaving echo'd remnants to sway over a bubbling 808 bassline that bounces off a distant reese bass and dubbed out chords whilst the hi-hat and conga syncopate at  fast rate - Topping up what is already a killer disc, this 12" is sure to make a few dances go wild!

Be quick, because these cuts have been in demand for some time now!

Wonderful Feeling (Gorgon Sound remix)

Wonderful Feeling (DJ Madd remix)