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Junior Loves - Yantlet / Grain

5 Gate Temple

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Grimey, meditative UK steppers soundsystem capsules in ancient-future style, from the one Junior Loves, via JTG's 5 Gate Temple -

We've been eagerly awaiting the next Junior Loves record ever since we got our hands on that self released 10" from a while back -
Great to see Junior Loves channelling his steppers style with the family on 5 Gate, perfectly adding his own spice & potion to the embers of Gossiwor and John T. Gast releases on the label.
The Yantlet & Grain titles reference Yantlet Creek, which drains into the River Thames in London, and at which the London Stone sits and marks London's ownership of the River Thames. The Yantlet Creek used to connect the River Medway with the River Thames and made the Isle of Grain a true island...

Here on this 10", Yantlet signals a heavyweight tremor of drum and bassline, emphasised by flute synths and midi sax in best steppers traditions, and answered by early Ruff Sqwad style raw string type of sound in call & response - a deep, trippin, fast-paced stepper that opens up it's floodgates of vibes once more on the 2nd cut, titled 'The First Passage', on the A2.

Flip it around, and Grain comes in at an even more gully frequency, pitched down drums and a rumbling bassline shake the foundations whilst sparse, militant drum rolls and dubbed out ambience and fx fade away on the horizon. This one is the militant year 2020 AD stepper that will murder any soundboy in question, anti-babylonian musical gunshots straight at Boris' head.
The final cut, Return Version is the triumphant victory dance to finish the session.

100% flames -
if you're a die-hard steppers head, this one's for you.
If not, please don't be afraid to enter, the medicine is right here.

10" cut and mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.


Yantlet (First Passage Version)


Grain (Return Version)