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Junjo Presents: Big Showdown


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Greensleeves reissue this remastered classic from 1980 for the first time alongside the vocal cuts on a second disc.

Disc 1 sees Scientist battle it out track for track, dubbing Junjo's originals in his own respective style. To be honest, if you've already started collecting the other bits in this series then you already know you're buying this - for everyone else.... if an entire re-issued LP isn't enough for you, check the 2nd disc packed with the original vocal cuts from Barrington Levy, Clint Eastwood, General Echo, Jah Thomas - top-a-top business from the legends.

Remastered and presented in full artwork sleeve, with a foldout poster

Side 1
1. "Round 1" (Scientist mix)
2. "Round 2" (Prince Jammy mix)
3. "Round 3" (Scientist mix)
4. "Round 4" (Prince Jammy mix)
5. "Round 5" (Scientist mix)
6. "Round 6" (Prince Jammy mix)
7. "Round 7" (Scientist mix)
8. "Round 8" (Prince Jammy mix)
9. "Round 9" (Scientist mix)
10. "Round 10" (Prince Jammy mix)
Side 2
1. Barrington Levy - "Send A Moses"
2. Barrington Levy - "Look Youthman"
3. Clint Eastwood - "Side Kick"
4. Barrington Levy - "If You Give To Me"
5. Barrington Levy - "Skylarking"
6. Barrington Levy - "Don't Fuss Nor Fight"
7. Jah Thomas - "Sweet Reggae Music"
8. Barrington Levy - "Money Makes Friends"
9. General Echo - "She Have A Pair Of Headlamp Breasts"
10. Barrington Levy - "Bounty Hunter"
11. Clint Eastwood - "Watch Yourself Mr Newspaperman"
12. Barrington Levy - "Black Heart Man"
13. Barrington Levy - "Moonlight Lover"
14. Barrington Levy - "Bend Your Back"

Round 4 (Prince Jammy Mix)

Round 7 (Scientist Mix)

Barrington Levy - Look Youthman

Clint Eastwood - Side Kick