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Junjo Presents - The Curse Of The Evil Vampires


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Deadly vocal & versions 2lp on Greensleeves –

Regular checkers at RwdFwd will probably know that we are big fans of the, often underrated, Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes production style. Alongside Linval Thompson and Jah Thomas, the man has had his fingers in an array of the most crucial tracks that have come out of the Channel One / King Tubby’s studios, especially in the 70’s / early 80’s formative years of the early Dancehall era, which Junjo & Jah Thomas’ ‘Volcano’ imprint pretty much pioneered.

He has worked with the greatest voices in reggae music to this day, and a big heap of his productions would’ve been recorded with the one-and-only Roots Radics Band and later dubbed off by none other than King Tubby’s young engineer and genius on the mixing desk in his own right: ‘Scientist’.

'Scientist Rids The World From The Evil Curse Of The Vampires' is a real cult dub album, featuring some of his deadliest (pun intended) versions to date... Those who used to play GTA back in the day will also have mowed down pedestrians to the sound of a few of the cuts from this album, but apart from that, if that's not you, then you will at least have heard Michael Prophet's seminal 'You Are A No Good' and probably the dank Scientist dub version, starting with that classic laugh from 6 feet deep.

The original dub LP has exchanged hands for high prices over the years, and it's a great thing that this is back in press already. But the really special thing about this remastered Greensleeves reissue is the fact that it comes with the second disc, loaded with all the vocal cuts, so you can enjoy them alongside each other in all their glory.

Wicked and terrible!

Remastered and presented with big foldout poster.
Two discs: One featuring vocal cuts, one loaded with the dubs.

A1 The Roots Radics, Scientist - The Voodoo Curse
A2 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires
A3 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Blood On His Lips
A4 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Cry Of The Werewolf
A5 The Roots Radics, Scientist - The Mummy's Shroud
B1 The Roots Radics, Scientist - The Corpse Rises
B2 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Night Of The Living Dead
B3 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Your Teeth In My Neck
B4 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Plague Of Zombies
B5 The Roots Radics, Scientist - Ghost Of Frankenstein
C1 Wailing Souls - Oh What A Feeling
C2 Michael Prophet - You Are A No Good
C3 Wayne Jarrett - Love In A My Heart
C4 Michael Prophet - Hold On To What You Got
C5 Wailing Souls - Firehouse Rock
D1 Wailing Souls - Bandit's Taking Over
D2 Michael Prophet - Youthman
D3 Michael Prophet - Love & Unity
D4 Johnny Osbourne - He Can Surely Turn The Tide
D5 Michael Prophet - Sweet Loving

Scientist - The Voodoo Curse

Scientist - Plague Of The Zombies

Michael Prophet - You Are A No Good

Johnny Osbourne - He Can Surely Turn The Tide