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Kahn & Neek - Bandulu EP


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The fifth plate on Kahn & Neek's Bandulu imprint -

Well, well, well... Not loads needs to be said here, y'all know the deal -

Four cuts from the dubplate box, from two of Grime's most ferocious producers and selectors, on the finest imprint the grime scene has to offer - Bandulu Records.

Each track holds its own, weighing a ton in dancefloor destruction impact measurements, tried and tested killers that serve as testaments to dubplate culture, exclusive and treasured variations of which you may have heard at the latest session with Kahn & Neek in the place.

From the Captain Scarlet references to the pitched down YT shout-out, these are accomplished burners for the massive who don't mind a bit of heat.

We are happy to say that we can offer some of the first edition of this record, looking f*cking sick as always, this time around with that skeletal Bandulu-in-outer-space design thing going on.
Served in a screen printed sleeve, designed and hand-printed by Joshua Hughes-Games, numbered edition of 500.

Got My Ting

Can't look Away

Dick Tracy

Cloud Base