• Kahn & Neek - Percy / Fierce (Repress)

Kahn & Neek - Percy / Fierce (Repress)


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Chances are you would have heard this track, either via the ‘on-road-to-nandos’ youtube clip, or in a club setting – with the crowd getting moshy. The hype is justified: Percy is a straight up Banger, just like how they used to be when grime was at it’s rawest stage: no nonsense murderation.

This is the first release on Kahn & Neek’s own ‘Bandulu’ imprint, kickstarting things and raising the bar very high for future releases on the Label. This 12” is arguably most famous for ‘Percy’, but let’s not forget about ‘Fierce’ on the flipside… pure screw-face material from Kahn, with bitcrushed blips and beeps and a relentless hook that keeps the momentum going, whilst the bassline aims for total dancefloor destruction.
Essential Grime Bangers!

Comes in white paper sleeve, printed label and a Bandulu Sticker.  

Kahn & Neek - Percy

Kahn - Fierce