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Kaiju - Seven Sins

Deep Medi

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The duo known as Kaiju unveil their debut LP with a sinful 7 tracker on Deep Medi.

The 7 deadly sins form a sort of conceptual basis upon which each of these riddims is built; opener Envy sees Jack Gates colour the soundscape green as the percussion and miasma of sub-frequencies signals classic Kaiju.

Sloth does what is says on the tin - a lazy, heavily syncopated groove accompanies a single-note sub-pulse - Kaiju nail it here, with lightyears of space combined with intense sub-pressure. An oppressive, tense listen.

Gantz collab Gluttony is a stop-start system tester with a bassline reminiscent of the now-classic Spry Sinister. Listen close to the richness of detail in that rhythm section - layer upon layer of tasty rhythmic icing....

Junglist frenzy Wrath is an excursion in the off-beat, hard-as-nails, snares from a classic break, heads down, gunfingers out, no messing about.

A superb, dancefloor-oriented effort - test it out yourself.



Gluttony (feat. Gantz)