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Kailin - Fracture LP


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Beneath’s Mistry imprint moves into album territory for the first time with a debut release from London producer Kailin. He channels dank, deep, urban soundscapes for an accomplished and exciting album, with stunning artwork courtesy of Sarah Hammond.

The opening track ‘Wake in Grey’ sets the sullen tone, utilising overcast strings which morph into dissonance. Album highlight ‘Circling’ comes next, where the dread is racked up to eleven; snappy drums are dismantled with a firm but funky groove, while spooky bells chime.

Mistry have previously released dancefloor 12”s from the likes of Batu, Alex Coulton and Laksa. The label has been confidently pushing soundsystem music, rich in UK music heritage and full of bass. Kailin’s aesthetic fits the bill, but he plays with the formula, making for a narrative that stands up to repeated listens, both through a soundsystem and those introspective nightbus journeys.

The album ends in style with ‘Respite’s intimate vocal chops and otherwordly chords. Before closing out with a final puff of haze on ‘Disintergration’ where a dystopian landscape slowly dissolves into silence...

Both Kailin and Mistry are in unchartered territory for ‘Fracture’, but they pass with flying colours with a beautifully presented package. Salute!

Wake in Grey