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Kalbata - Brimstone & Lighting ft. Leon Electronics

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Another double-drop from the ZamZam HQ, this time via Kingston and Tel Aviv -

If, like us, are big fans of Kalbata's recent 'Congo Beat The Drum' works, then you're probably aware of the high-standard reggae music that his name counts for these days... This next disc on the ZamZam label doesn't disappoint either.
And usually we'd go about our way of making our own picture for each of the ZamZam 7"s, but in this case we will just present the words from the label, telling us about the background of how this tune came about... It's an interesting story to a superb steppers cut:

"Instantly addictive, "Brimstone & Lightning" is a collaboration between Kalbata and a veteran yet little-known Jamaican producer called Leon Electronics. Kalbata’s reggae obsession led him to seek Leon out with the intention of rereleasing an obscure tune of his from the 80's. After months of searching, Kalbata managed to track Leon down in Kingston Jamaica and met with him while recording his celebrated 'Congo Beat The Drum' LP. Going through the tapes at Boris Gardiner’s studio, the pair stumbled on this unfinished tune. Leon dismissed it, but Kalbata became obsessed with the rough gem, so Leon gave him his blessings to finish, cut and release it. Started in Jamaica in 1990 and finished in Tel Aviv last year, the 100% analog mix is like a message from the future to the past brought forth in the miracle of the present - a pounding steppers whose kick, bass & space dynamics have to be heard to be believed."

Voiced on the original tape from 1990, the identity of the vocalist remains a mystery, forgotten even by Leon Electronics. But he lives again in this scorcher of a tune, at 160 bpm one of the most relentless yet buoyant steppers you will hear.

Killer, fast-paced, rootsy JA steppers business!

Limited to 800. Vinyl-only. Screenprinted & designed by Polygon Press.

Brimstone & Lightning

Brimstone Dub