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Kambo Super Sound - 1537 Dub / Don Papa - Outcast

Sex Tags Amfibia

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<< Super Exclusive Limited Edition Test Press Import! >>

7" pressure outta Moss! -

We are chuffed to have been sent a handful of these highly limited Sex Tags Amfibia Test Pressings, hand-stamped and including a hi-vis insert.
Apart from local record shop 'Idle Hands' we are the only outlet offering these TP's.

On the A-Side and probably entitled after their local post code - but don't blame us if your fan mail doesn't arrive - we have Kambo Super Sound's '1537 Dub' - a rough-and-stormy dub chunk, reminiscent of early 90's 'Disciples' (Eastern Fire springs to mind) and executed just as expertly, with guaranteed soundsystem efficiency (We've watched Ishan Sound tear up a few dances with this on Dubplate).
It's a great thing to hear one of Norway's only Dub & Reggae Soundsystems to come with such heavyweight material... forward!

Pick up the disc and flip it around, Don Papa lays down what we can only describe as 'gangsterish dancefloor funk'... Latino rhythms / and East Coast hip hop styles come mixed up in the grinder and rolled up with off-the-hook melodica inna norwegian seaside twist, to form this fully grooving, loose-as-f*ck flipside, entitled - 'Outcast (Latino Dub)'.  Sounds like the sort of thing you may imagine the Moss locals breakdancing to at 5.30am, in a dingy basement party beneath the local supermarket...

This is a versatile plate for both purists and connoiseurs.
What the heck are you waiting for?

Kambo Super Sound - 1537 Dub

Don Papa - Outcast (Latino Dub)