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Kambo Super Sound - 1538 Dub / Don Papa - Rebel Danc

Sex Tags Amfibia

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It's that time again, the annual Kambo / Don Papa split disc on Amfibia is here, in time for Grill Season -

Moss dub superstars Kambo and local legend Don Papa do the honours once more, another family affair on Sotofett's Sex Tags Amfibia imprint.

As you'd expect by now, we have a firing soundsystem bubbler from Kambo, 1538 Dub puts them back on the map with trademark big belly bassline and Shak-out percussion that will surely get some arms and legs above head height in the dance!
The flute and distant siren atmospherics keep the meditative aspect well and truly alive, but don't be fooled - at loud volume this one is going to give those kick bins and scoops a good workout, floor shaking business.

Flip it, and we find another Don Papa obscurity, another trademark signal of these split discs, you'll never find a combination like this anywhere else!
Rebel Danc provides the counteraction from outer space all left-of-centre soundmen could only hope for.

Served up with a nice traditional look & feel, and cut to high quality 7" / 45.

If you're lucky you'll get a brand new postcard shipped together with this 7", designed by Sotofett in honour of Graf et Grill parties and their local snack & drink providing hub in Moss.

Kambo Super Sound - 1538 Dub

Don Papa - Rebell Danc