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Kambo Super Sound / Don Papa - Vanntårnet (Water Tower Dub/Island Rock (DJ Dub)

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Another rough&tough 7" / 45 Kambo Super Sound / Don Papa instalment from outta Moss!

Always nice when we get this annual Sex Tags Amfibia linkup disc through our doors, imported straight from source - Norway via Berlin.

This time, Kambo Super Sound come through with their toughest stepper yet.
Splashy spring reverbs crash & thunder on top of an overdriven casiotone bassline, with melodica & john carpenter retro styled synthlines rearing it's head in dub style & fashion, leading the way for fast-paced percussion to keep up the power.
Well tuned for soundsystem deployment!

Flipside - you won't find no other 7" with a pairing like this - you find Don Papa and his computerized caribbean island jukebox riddim, with extra injection of nordic seabreeze.
Sure to turn some heads and twist some bumpers, all with a nice grin on the face!

Ride it!

Kambo Super Sound - Vanntårnet (Water Tower Dub)

Don Papa - Island Rock (DJ Dub)