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Kambo Super Sound - Kulpe / Don Papa - Outcast 2 (Latino Rub)

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Fresh fire from Kambo Super Sound & Don Papa, Moss Massive -

The latest 7" sized pizza box from the Norwegian Sex Tags gang headed up by DJ Sotofett, included a handful of this, once again, delightful 7" pressure from Kambo Super Sound, for their yearly outing on the Amfibia imprint.

Kulpe leads the way on the A side, with the usual rolling drum & bass foundation, featuring introspective and quite uplifting synth-horns, over a digi-styled chop that comes into play even more during the half-time breakdown of the tune, giving the skankin' crew a minute to inhale the bassline before the drums come tumbling back in and the echoes go nice 'n' wild.
Wicked stuff for all selectors and aspiring soundmen who want to get out of the soundboy lifestyle and man-up with some real dubwise.

Flip it, and Don Papa awaits with his 2nd cut of the infamous Outcast riddim, which already impressed us on the previous Amfibia outing.
This time along, it's one step weirder, and another notch less quantized, for some tru R'n'Skwee vibes, sure to lift a smile or two, and maybe even raise a glass or three.
Orange-tinted chords, catchy-catch-out melody and a proper bedroom style drum riddim make up the disjointed, cheery foundation of this one, proper oddball vibes, but we kinda dig it actually.

Another wicked 7" of versatile style, from Kambo & Don P!

Kambo Super Sound - Kulpe

Don Papa - Outcast 2 (Latino Rub)