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Kamixlo - Demonico


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5 tracker of mutant club sonics from Chilean-born producer 'Kamixlo' for Visionist's re-energised Codes label.

Forging a new style of dance music and total disregard for convention and genre labels, Kamixlo warps signs and signifiers from styles ranging from dancehall to eskibeat and applies a techno sensibility to them - From the sci-fi landscapes of 'Otra Noche' to the dancehall pneumatics of 'Paleta' and 'Lariat' Kamixlo offers a refreshing and coherent vision of post internet dance music landscapes.

Label co-owner Visionist chips in a remix at the end as well, taming the original material for more straight up deployment - nice.

Comparabile to the likes of Golden teacher, Principe Discos, Mumdance and Acre - this one is recommended to the adventurous DJs and sonic explorers alike - get fully involved.

Otra Noche



Lariat - Visionist Refix