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Kane Ikin - Basalt Crush

Latency France

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Latency France delivers this surreal, unnerving but completely unique set of modern experimental electronic mutations by Kane Ikin in what must be one of the most eye grabbing sleeves we've seen around the office for a good while.

Bearing similarities with everyone from Nils Frahm to ENA to Samuel Kerridge, Ikin packs this EP full of ideas without it ever getting too cluttered - quite the opposite in fact. Even through the tunes with beats, there is a distinct sense of calm, or perhaps more accurate, anaesthesia.

Echoic is a beatless composition, with a plucked, pitched and percussive instrument of some kind at its heart. Eeking intriguing resonant frequencies and harmonies from the glockenspiel-sounding line, Ikin demonstrates a real talent for subtly morphing rhythmic and intervallic emphases.

Gestalt is the hazy daydream of a long-lost half-step d'n'b tune from back in the day, monochromatic but expressive in equal measure, like a Rothko painting in sepia.

Street Flare is on a similar vibe, putting the rhythms in the triple and adding a dash of colour in the tape-degraded synth lines which filter through the percussive patchwork like ripples of silk through loose floorboards.

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Street Flare