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Karim Maas - The Blakk Rainbow EP

Stone Tapes

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Fog riddled, mechanoid greyscale rhythms on Stone Tapes from Karim Maas, fresh from that essential collaboration with Ruffhouse sparring partner Pessimist.

It’s a sound that’s been developing, at appropriately slow pace, in the Bristol underground, managing to capture the essence of the cities strains of murky low-frequency-focused soundsystem music, taking in D&B, early Dubstep and the scuzzy slo-mo breakbeat styles of the late 90’s along the way. That said, this is far from a lazy mashup of the those parts, instead this record takes reference from them and strikes forward into new, and borderline terrifying new territory.

We’re not picking favourites here and, arguably, this EP is best taken in as a whole – there’s a lot on offer here for DJs and home listeners alike – taking in a multitude of tempos, it’s a versatile record in the mix and a deeply satisfying listen on headphones.

Perfect soundtrack to the UK in these turbulent times – a record we’re looking forward to spending a lot more time with. big tip.

Stamped Kraft sleeve with heavyweight A5 art print inside

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