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Katatonic Silentio - Prisoner Of The Self

Bristol Normcore

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Fizzing, next-gen body workouts and brain experimentalism from Katatonic Silentio, served in absolutely mad caged DIY sleeves, via Bristol Normcore -

Yeah, you heard right - let's get that cleared up first - these discs come served in hand-crafted cage sleeves. Big plus points for this unique design approach already.
Only 150 of these exist, as you can imagine this kind of craft takes up a lot of human-hours.

Now let's get to the music...
We understand why the cage was applied now, because these sonics are about as dangerous as it gets. Ruffneck 2020 breakcore junglism, hi-tek industrial electronics and brukkup footwork & bassbin sonics are just some of the elements contained in these intricately crafted tracks from Kataonic Silentio, presenting her first solo LP.

Across 7 ever-expanding tracks, KS draws out claustrophobia inducing drum arrangements, interchanged with endless amounts of reverberation & dissipation into negative space, at times sounding like 00's Loefah trapped in the matrix, then coming through like Vex'd with Max MSP at their disposal, right through to rude-as-hell drum charges a la Praxis or Suburban Trash records trapped in a future timezone... But that said, it's probably unfair to reference the old heads, even if the earlier rave & soundsystem signifiers are there, this is definitely future facing music.

Prisoner Of Self is a murderously precise amalgamation of drum funk, hi-tech ambience and overweight bassbin assault.
But most importantly perhaps, there is a definite cyberpunk soul within the tracks too, it's not just a brash assault on the senses - if you let the record play as it was intended (from start to finish) the arrangements leave space for the listener to engage and get lost in these intricate grooves, making it all the more effective when the sensory overload of twisted drum, bass and cantankerous fx commences once more.

It's been a while since we screw-faced as much as this whilst listening to a record, and we're pretty sure this would induce all the right amounts of sweat in the club -
the name of the album might be called 'Prisoner Of The Self' but it surely takes no extra prisoners!
Proper breakbeat anarchy.

...Basically, this one's a bit spesh, be fast if you want one.

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