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Katsunori Sawa - Holy Ground EP

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Entitled the "Holy Ground" EP this release starts off in a vein that would make you think the said Holy Ground had been desecrated! Reverential synths accompany a muscular broken beat on the opening track "I'm Lost" whilst Steampunk atmospherics churn and malfunction in the distance, the sense of scale Katsunori is able to create is astounding. The opener evinces a  real foreboding taste of what's to come.

"Warning Sign" takes you deeper into the heart of the machine. The urgency starts to build, bursts of steam erupt all around as a driving Techno pulse emerges into frame. Likewise on "Surface", powerful kick drums and Hardcore referencing percussion cuts loose an unyielding barrage, sure to test the most worthy of sound systems.

The final track "Evocation" is the calm after the storm, assessing the wreckage as you regain your senses and marvel at the dystopia.

An essential release, just as primed for the club as at home. Fans of Semantica and Stroboscopic Artefacts look no further!


I'm Lost

Warning Sign