• Katsunori Sawa - The Two Legs EP

Katsunori Sawa - The Two Legs EP

Weevil Neighbourhood

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Brand new from the Berlin based Weevil Neighbourhood!

This time round we are presented with the solo work of Katsunori Sawa, presenting four tracks of psychotic, paranoid shuffle and low-end trauma.

One half of kyoto-based duo Steven Porter, Katsunori Sawa deals with serious amounts of tension between aggression and timidity with four tracks that appear either internally unstable and arduosly brought under control or both brutal and fragile at the same time.
A certain repetition acts as the thin thread trying to arrest the ever looming pressure seemingly engulfing the fragmented rhythmical rumble, as high definition white noise and unnerving soundscapes cast touches of light and shadow over the whole scenario... Great stuff!

White, hand-stamped vinyl.
Limited to 200 copies for the world.

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