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Kazufumi Kodama & Undefined - New Culture Days


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Brand new cut on the newly-minted Japanese imprint for analogue, extraordinary dubwise sounds -

Following that killer first 7" import we had here a few months ago, Undefined step forward once more, this time alongside Kazufumi Kodama, of Mute Beat fame, who co-produces and adds to the dusky, introspective dubwise of this perfectly captured late night blues feeling. Kodama's excellent trumpet additions appear across the sparse, muted Basic Channel esque rhythm section like an occasional puff of smoke through a dark sky... Or in the label's words: Drawing a vivid line on monochromatic aspect.

To quote another apt description from the label, one that really does capture the heavy impact and the subdued tones that make up these two cuts "this track expresses the cream of dub music with its excessiveness and nothingness facing one another."

This is really a special record.

If you're at all keen, or interested in the sound of 70's JA Roots, Berlin's Basic Channel output of the 90's or even the psychadelic rasta sounds of Dadawah... Then you may well find this to your liking.

New Culture Days