• Dubwise-Warriors

Keety Roots - Dubwise Warriors

Black Legacy

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Soundsystem anthem from Keety Roots on the Black Legacy label -

Originally out in 2007, this one is full of energy and vibes...
This is not a tune for production fetishists, this is the kind of tune where you just have to turn up and appreciate the sound in it's entirety, for what it is.
UK Dub, soundsystem dub.

Besides, we're big fans of the midi-sax, flute and 80's style orchestral stabs...
Coupled with a slow, searing bassline and a weighty steppers rhythm - this one is sure to hit the right tones when played on a big soundsystem, a track that reveals it's powers in the right setting and at the right venue, this one has set a few dancehalls on fire over it's time.

Run it!

Dubwise Warrriors / Verse 2

Verse 3 / Verse 4