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Keety Roots - Why / Why Dub

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Partial Records take a dip into the Black Legacy box, 1994 -


Straight from the vaults of the Black Legacy imprint, ran by UK soundsystem stalwart Keety Roots - 'Why' and it's dub version serve as fine examples of the trademark uplifting stepper vibes from Keety Roots.
If you can get down with a nice bit of keyboard (Yamaha DX7 maybe?) and a good bit of 90's midi - we certainly can! - then you should appreciate Keety Roots sound for what it is, and for it's purpose: Play it loud, play it on a soundsystem - and you will see the real power of these tracks.
A bubbling, hi-scaling bassline and a well-programmed 90's style drum beat work in call & response with those cavernous reverbs, delays and the rather pleasing chimes and flute...
This one is sure to vibrate at the right frequencies when pushing through those scoops at the right volume.

Keety Roots - Why

Keety Roots - Why Dub