• Kelan - Further Downtown CD

Kelan - Further Downtown CD

Bristol Normcore

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The 1&only Bristol Normcore link up with the 1&only Max 'Kelan', for one more trip Downtown...

Futher Downtown even. With a new gang in tow -
Kinlaw & Franco Franco, Yushh, Cruelle, Princess Difficult, lifeisfeedback, Pessimist and Rose Again.

The incendiary debut full length from Kelan on the label came out a few moons ago, and nearly all copies have been sold, which also means that hopefully an equal amount of 'england flags' have been burned with the included matchsticks since.

Kelan's anti-repressive, open-minded social commentary and poetic sludge laid down the law over hard-knox industrial drums and obliterating feedback noise with the Downtown album on Bristol Normcore. Arguably, everything in it's path had been burned to ashes, no questions left to raise.
Yet, somehow, the enlisted crew of friends and family (near and far) have been tasked with unearthing the rubble from below the ashes and twisting it into new forms. Not an easy task, but as you can hear - one that redeemed stunning,new results.

This remix release (on CD and including a DL) counts mostly on local heroez, and Avon Terror Corps affiliates to shift the shape of the original album. Special local talents such as Kinlaw & Franco Franco, Yusshh, lifeisfeedback and Pessimist all added their interpretations, and we're also graced with a rare remix appearance from Zoggs' & BNC's very own Francesco, aka Rose Again.
And yes: the pack is loud, and expansive (as Manonmars might have said).

Adding to the bristolian input, we are also blessed with seriously heavy contributions by friends from further afield adding to fold with raw remix heat - Princess Difficult (aka Mama Matrix, half of Salac, etc) let's Kelan's original sprawl out into post apocalyptic scenes, while Parisian badgirl Cruelle twists things uniquely, with a sense of haunting, bruised euphoria to the remixed track.

 BNC, Kelan and the crew, once again doing Bristol proud, casually, fearlessly and without any compromise.

“When you’re alone and life is making you lonely.
You can always go…”

Further Downtown

“How can you lose…?”

>> Includes instant WAV download of all tracks <<

Kelan - Unpaid World (Kinlaw & Franco Franco Remix)

Kelan - The Rag (Rose Again Destination Version)

Kelan - Cracked Reflection (Princess Difficult Remix)

Kelan - Factory Of Sins (Lifeisfeedback Reconstruction)

Cruelle - Ne crée pas de drâme (NODDER REMIX)

Kelan - Towers Of Future Guilt (Pessimist's Distemper Mix)

Kelan - Pieces (Yushh Remix)