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Kenny Knots - Run Come Call Me

Ruddy & Redeye Original Sounds

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Another stone cold classic from London's Unity Posse, originally out in 1987, then served up again in previously unreleased dubplate mix version, via Ruddy & Redeye -

"You run come call me.... and yet you couldn't pay me?
... Me tired of your talkin'... Me tired of your talkin'... Everytime me see you, you ah run up your mouth... You talk bout this, you talk bout that, you run up your mouth, you don't know where it's at... A bwoy like you, deserve to get clapped.... "

Kenny Knots killing off all soundbwoys who never took him serious enough, on this biggest of rhythms from out of Ribs Unity posse, with Ruddy & Redeye on production, in that unmistakeable digital dancehall style which they championed in their own, extra ruff & tuff way.
Listen to those fizzy hi-hats and that booming bassline - next level bizniz.

Kenny Knots - Run Come Call Me (Dubplate Mix)

Call Me (Dubplate Mix)