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Kevin Richard Martin - Frequencies For Leaving Earth Vol. 2

Intercranial Recordings

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Kevin Richard Martin aka soundsystem veteran & long time music aficionado The Bug, aka production mind behind King Midas Sound etc etc, delivering the astral sonics on this ltd edition self-released cassette via his new imprint Intercranial Recordings -

KRM has been known to inject his bass fuelled journeyisms with tripped out drone material aimed at the membrane over the years - as stated in the info sheet, this session could be seen as a continuation (two decades on) to Disc Two of 'Re-Entry' the album recorded as part of Techno Animal with JK Flesh some time ago. When hearing these stark, lonesome frequencies of this new release, his recent work under full name 'Kevin Richard Martin' entitled 'Sirens' springs to mind, and then we have the 2nd album 'Solitude' from King Midas Sound, which drifts in similar vertigo territory at times, with Roger Robinson letting his lyrics sink in over desolate, drifting soundscapes.

This tape, however, is presented as a standalone piece for introspective listening, well timed for a more solitary period for many of us, locked away over the last months, wondering where this earth is going, and perhaps wondering where the escape route lies...
If not in the physical world, then maybe between our ears, with the synapses reacting to frequencies, such as these meditative, skeletal drones here on these pieces, that are tuned for sonic escapism from reality, triggering though processes away from vision, and creating a sense of the unnatural and a sense of inward motion, despite our stillness.

The Shepard tone, a production technique that tricks the mind into constantly following a sound that revolves around it's own axis, often feeling like it descends, or ascends without any sense of an ending, is stated as one of the inspirations for these pieces - and that is something we can only approve of, being big fans of these types of tripped out, bare-bone frequencies ourselves - a very satisfying movement of sound, which KMR uses to deadly effect throughout this tape, in all it's stripped back focus, throughout this set of dark ambiences and scale sliding frequencies.

To our ears, this 2nd volume of 'Frequencies For Leaving Earth' certainly provides that escape route, from the time you tune in to the first cut, right through til the end, for it's 45min, time-melting duration.

Limited edition run of cassettes,
and it seems that these are the last copies available right now.

Served on grey/black tapes,
with inlay artwork taken from a film reel still by visual artist Pedro Maia.

1. Escape Velocity 03:20
2. Adrift 05:06
3. Sub Atomic 05:28
4. Narcotic Loop 02:55
5. Transcendent 03:16
6. The Void 05:28
7. Angel of Death 05:39
8. Point of Disintegration 04:42
9. The Light 03:55
10. Beyond 04:46

Escape Velocity

Sub Atomic

Angel Of Death

The Light