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Highest grade slices from the beating heart of the LDN underground scene -

Double vinyl showcase from the current Keysound stable of artists, asserting their resolution in probing the darker corners of the “UK dance continuum”.

A lot of new faces are found on this album as Aphix, DLVRY and Etch sit alongside more familiar names like Parris, Murlo, Wen and Sully. It really is a who’s who of this nascent scene.

Every avenue is covered on these two plates as Jungle, Garage, Dubstep, Eski and Sublow are whipped into a swirling amalgam of Ruffnek Riddims, serving to bathe dancefloors with sub bass and make long time heads question what can be done with supposedly “dead” scenes and tropes.
Essential bag-fillers for the DJ that wants to find the side roads between the standard routes.

Full tracklist

1. Parris - Pressure
2. Aphix - Sin King
3. Caski - Tunnel Music
4. Etch - Champion Dancehall
5. Wen - It’s A Lot
6. Ballistiq Beats Feat Riko - Rise The Machines (Yardman Riddim) (Sully Mix)
7. Murlo - Broken Arrow
8. DLVRY - Guilt.

Caski - Tunnel Music

Etch - Champion Dancehall

Ballistiq Beats Feat Riko - Rise The Machines (Yardman Riddim) (Sully Mix)

DLVRY - Guilt