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KFAX4 Logos of the Early Computer Software Scene


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What a treat this is! A valuable archive of (admittedly niche) logos taken from the early computer software scene in the 70s & 80s.

There's over 300 killer logos in here, low key and often naive, there's real strokes of genius in these pages - halfway through the zine, the theme switches from above board companies (Sierra, Microwest Distributing, CBS Software etc) and flips to the even more underground world of hackers and Warez scene (software bootleggers).

If you scooped up the previous zine in this series (the Label Logo archive), you'll know what to expect, if not - we have a couple restocked here too.

A visual feast from start to finish, this comes highly recommended.

Measuring at 10x14cm and printed on 70 g/m² EOS bible print paper and with red glue binding.