• Joshuas-Anthem

Kibir La Amlak ft. I Jah Salomon - Joshua's Anthem

Salomon Heritage

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Fresh roots from Bristol via France!

Two sides of rootical soundsystem music, with the first two cuts from Bristol's very own JT, the soundman and engineer of the Kibir La Amlak soundsystem, alongside I Jah Salomon himself.
Released via the much respected Salomon Heritage imprint from France, this is a well crafted and approved disc, as you'd expect.

Forward's driving bassline and hornsline, accentuated by those signature drum rolls and a steady momentum that's sure to uplift the session when dropped at the right time.

A nice mix of original, instrumental dubwise and tuned bass notes, with the scoops in mind.

Topside we have the Instrumental cut 'Joshua's Anthem' and it's Dub... Flip it around for ' The Riddim Activist feat I Jah Salomon' and 'Horns Of Jericho' - a brilliant counterpart to the A side.

Pure niceness!

Joshua's Anthem


Horns Of Jericho