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Kid Drama - Versus


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Kid Drama aka Jon Convex aka one half of game changing duo Instra:Mental collaborates with two of the finest producers in the outer reaches of the Drum N Bass sphere.

'Versus 1' is exactly the kind of icy minimalism that get's us excited, man of the moment Skeptical, known for his unique brand of D&B/Dancehall crossover doesn't disappoint here. His signature taught drums and shape shifting basses that ruin dances from the big stages at Outlook to the smallest basement in Bristol are put to great use here, we can't hear much of the Convex influence at work on this collab, but that's ok with us.

Consequence is the collaborator of choice on the B-side. Usually known for his more introspective tracks, the gloves are off for this one. Snarling basses are the order of the day here, backed up with precision edited drums which tread the line between delicate and downright lethal.

HIGHLY recommended for fans of dBridge, Ruffhouse and the likes, a blast in the mix as well!

Versus 1 (feat Skeptical)

Versus 2 (feat Consequence)