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KIJI - 2023 Slow Fall


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- Super Fresh 1 from Rome/Turin Based RIFORMA XXL -

Riforma presents the first tape from the granular duo KIJI, where the fathers of Italian screw- wave Lapo Sorride (FKA Kinked, Dori Sorride) and Altrimenti debate about the polyvalent nature of governmental structures, being besieged by information and eviscerating raw emotions by setting off through an autarchic pilgrimage to the CHIGI palace ... and back.

Born in August 2019, at the dawn of Conte II (yellow-red government) and concluded in autumn 2020, during the global pandemic's second wave, "2023. SLOW FALL." wants to anticipate the inevitable, wishing for a future without a past, finally without borders and delirious, except under the aegis of the reformist promise.

Granular formations Screw-wave
Erotic juxtapositions on tape
KIJI are Altrimenti and Kinked / Lapo Sorride

C30 white tape pro-dubbed, with orange OBI and transparent cover

Excerpt 1

Excerpt 2

Excerpt 3