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Killawatt & Ipman - Warehouse Dub

Lion Charge

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Highly awaited repress of LionCharge001 -

The first release on the prolific, dub-powered imprint has been out of press and in high demand for some time now, going for silly money on discogs...

Well, thankfully the label have done the right thing, and the vinyl is back in store for those who want to support it!

Kicking off with Warehouse Dub, a low-frequency stepper that kicks off with a slew of reggae samples in a mash-up frenzy before it gets going proper, letting the bassline and drums do the talking and walking.

Things get a bit darker and deeper with 'Single Entity' on the flipside... Kicking off with a melodic dubwise intro before dropping into a rude half-step pattern and some of that familiar LFO business on the low-end.

Sure to get the party going in full swing, and here's your chance to get involved again!

Warehouse Dub

Single Entity