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King Alpha - Shiv Manasa Pooja / Manasa Dub

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Oriental style hardcore steppers from King Alpha -

From West London, King Alpha, notorious for their heavy brand of soundsystem music, step forward with two tracks, six cuts of music for the dancehall, music for the 18" scoops and mostec pre-amps.

Cliché asian style strings and samples sway over slow, ultra heavy rhythms and thunderous basslines, both sides move in similar ways, both sides sure to set the dance on fire when played at the right volume - there is no doubt this music is made for soundsystem, uk style...

Three cuts per side - instrumental cut, dub, and to finish things - the raw dub!

Shiv Manasha Pooja / Manasa Dub

Raw Dub

Shiv' Aradhana / Aradhana Dub

Raw Dub