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King Earthquake - Arawak Warrior / Kings Robe 12"

King Earthquake

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Soundsystem cuts from one of the UK's toughest -

King Earthquake deliver two steppers for on their own imprint, Errol Arawak at the controls.
Those who have seen the militant soundsystem in action, will be able to testify that they don't compromise when it comes to sound pressure, and they don't shy away from a clash either (we recall a great Teachings In Dub session at the Trinity Centre in 2008, where Errol and Mark Iration got pretty heavy with each other, both on microphone and with selection).

A Side is 'Arawak Warrior' - served up with three cuts, for continued vibration, stripping things back with each one - drum and bass styled dubwise pressure.

B Side is Kings Robe, coming in majestic with the midi-horns and a tumbling bassline, reminding of a Jah Warrior cut from the 90's, but with added snare fills - this one does damage at loud volume!

Arawak Warrior / Dub 1 / Dub 2

Kings Robe / Kings Robe Dub