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King Earthquake - Dubplates Chapter One LP

King Earthquake

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A disc full of heavyweight King Earthquake dubplates, released via their own imprint -

Oooph! Killer drop of soundsystem gear from Birmingham's soundsystem stalwarts, with Errol Arawak at the controls.

Chapter One, and it's full of super-charged, Earthquake style UK Dubwise, steppers rhythms.

From the dank, militant bell-charged step of the opening 'Death Row Dub' through to the chugging, big-belly dub of 'Final Straw Dub' and the upful, fast paced finisher 'Invasion Dub' - the record captures the take-no-prisoners soundsystem roots & culture of King Earthquake inna Birmingham style perfectly.

This is real heavyweight, killer UK dub and it just needs to be played loud, for the full experience.

Limited copies available!

1: Death Row Dub
2: Puka Man Dub
3: Half Moon Dub
4: Ancient Mystic Dub
5: Final Straw Dub
6: Tribulation Dub
7: What A Joy Dub
8: Jungle Run Dub
9: Lion Of Judah
10: Invasion Dub

Death Row Dub

Puka Man Dub

Jungle Run Dub

Invasion Dub