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King Earthquake - Dubplates Chapter Two

King Earthquake

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Soundsystem geared heavyweight dubplates straight from the mighty King Earthquake -

After being treated to the utterly militant first instalment, we had to make sure to get a few copies of Chapter Two, to cap it off.
Birmingham's stalwart soundsystem signing in with their own imprint, loaded with material that has been shaking up buildings whenever they land in session.

Comes served in a delicious piece of artwork, suiting the synthetic nature of the music production with a masterclass in modern reggae design, one for the youtube generation!
Nah, seriously, we do have a real soft spot for this.

Play it very loud, the way it was intended!!!

Side 1:
The Pan Dub
Serious Dub
Venom Dub
Jah Come Dub
Creation Dub
Side 2:
Probation Dub
Lioness Dub
Native Dance Dub
Goliath Dub
Righteous Dub

Serious Dub

The Pan Dub

Lioness Dub

Native Dance Dub