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King General / Jacin Sound - Got To Be Conscious


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Conscious Sounds, digital style -

Proper casiotone styles on this, fast-paced digi riddim with the original King General on the microphone...

Those that have paid attention to the dancehall since the mid 80's will recognise the bass and drum pattern on this one - Sleng Teng for example.
This one, moves at a good pace, with King General delivering his tight flow, his voice tuned perfectly to the casio sound, both bubbling away with lots of energy...

Two more cuts await on the A side, and then we flip it for Jacin, who takes the pace down a bit for with 'Feel The Dub' a steppers rhythm full of militant snare rolls and melodica, with two cuts for the selectors.
Additional track towards the middle of the disc 'Reward' comes in more mystically, with two cuts also.

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King General - Got To Be Conscious

Conscious Dub / Raw Dub

Jacin - Feel The Dub / Cut 2

Jacin - Reward Cut 1 / Cut 2