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King General / Jonah Dan - Hot Stepper / Bongoman 10''

Lovedub Music

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Soundsystem hit from around a decade ago, still hot -

On 10" disc via the Conscious Sounds dubplate outlet 'Lovedub Music' we have the much sought after 'Hot Stepper' and the ferocious dubwise rhythm cuts of 'Bongoman' with Jonah Dan on percussion.

King General made his mark on the soundsystem scene during the 90's and 00's, went quiet for a few years and is now back in the circuit, but his tried and tested sugary vocal style is still a favourite in the dance, and Hot Stepper is a classic for all selectors and massive who know... Triplet hi-hats and a bubbling bassline mark that inimitable Conscious Sounds style, a perfect rhythmical match with King General's vocal attributes.

On the B side, it's wicked upbeat digital stepper styles from Conscious Sounds in the production seat once again, and this just get's made even better with bongoman Jonah Dan getting hands on with the percussion.
Last but not least, we are faced with version fire on the final cut, where Dougie's mixing desk gets a good run, with filters and echo running wild over the rhythm.

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King General - Hot Stepper

Conscious Sounds - Dub

Jonah Dan - Bongoman

Conscious Sounds - Dub