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King Kong - Must Work On A Sunday

Striker Lee

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King Kong has to be one of dancehall's most recognisable voices, his style of singing and chattin' always hits the right tone, he has a great feel for melody and tune... 'Must Work On A Sunday' pays tribute to Tenor Saw's 'No Work On A Sunday' over a bubblin' Striker Lee production...

From the catchy hooks to the hard-hitting drum machines and big-bellied bassline - it's a certified big tune.

Flip the disc and we enter the zone of Charlie Chaplin, chattin' over Strikers' riddim with ease and flow, a superb counterpart to the King Kong cut.

These are O.G.  UK press 12"s on the Striker Lee label, sounding loud and clear.

A lovely record, be quick if you want yours.

King Kong - Must Work On A Sunday

Charlie Chaplin - Outer Me Way