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King Kong - Paro Them Paro / Paranoia


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1986 to present day, still a killer -

Rumbling, stepping digital 80's computer business, this one tore up the place when Shaka used to drop it, and it's sure to catch a dance or two on fire, even in this day and age.

You just can't deny the addictive pace of this kind of tune, full-on 80's digital style, coming at you with electric piano hooks that wouldn't sound out of place in the Ghostbusters soundtrack, don't underestimate the fact that the rhythm will hit in full force once played loud...

Bassline is a version of the classic Studio One 'Heavenless' rhythm, in bubblin' style an' fashion, King Kong rides the riddim in top form too.

Essential 12".

King Kong - Paro Them Paro

Bubblers Computer All Stars - Paranoia