• King Tubby - The Dub Organiser

King Tubby - The Dub Organiser

Black Solidarity

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Original year 2000 press copies of this killer collection of masterclass King Tubby dubs on Bunny Lee productions, released here via Ossie & Howie Thomas legendary Black Solidarity label.

Stamped white label copies.
The sleeves are not in completely perfect condition, but it they have a real nice 'old school' feel to it, which most reggae & vinyl heads will probably cherish equally (count us in). Vinyl condition is all good, a few crackles and pops here and there, but sounding great on the hifi.

Musically though, we're dealing with some of King Tubby's finest versions here - bow down to The Dub Organiser.

1.Natty Dread Dub
2. State Dub
3. Greedy Girl
4. Conference Version
5. Mighty Version
6. A Pressuring Dub
7. Natty Dread Kill The Barber
8. Sukumaka Version
9. Skanking Dub
10. Conquering Version
11. A Moving Version
12. A Dancing Roots Version

Natty Dread Kill the Barber

Skanking Dub

Conquering Version

Natty Dread Dub

State Dub