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King Tubby's - King At The Control LP

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Crucial unearthing from the King Tubby discography, originally out in 1981 via TAD, now back in circulation (ltd pressing) via Ranking Joe -

The father of dub music, the teacher of the likes of Jammy, Scientist etc etc, and an engineer who will always stand out for a sound of his own, perusing & inventing early technologies in music to create exceptional results - King Tubby.

This LP comes locked & loaded with classic, and lesser known rhythms from Roots Radics, all dubbed off by the master, straight from the tapes onto the mixing desk.
Bag full of rhythm, ruff & ready spring reverbs, tape delays and other vintage electronics, used in a way that is still perceived as boundary pushing to this day.

Pay your respects to the King.

A1 King Tubby's Special
A2 Sound Bwoy Burial
A3 King Stereo Gav Hi Fi Dub
A4 Raving Up Town Dub
A5 Ray Symbolic Rock
B1 Ranking Joe Cus Cus Dub
B2 Nanny Vill Skank Dub
B3 Ranimo Dub
B4 Down Town Dub
B5 Jah Is The Conqueror Dub

King Tubby's Special

Eastwood Dub

Ranimo Dub

Dub Up Dub