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King Tubbys w/ The Roots Radics - 95 South Dub (Rootikal 7)


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Massive instrumental cuts from the boss sounds outta Kingston, reissued via Rootikal -

King Tubby, alongside the great Roots Radics Band on instruments, what a combination.
A tradition that was continued by Tubby's protege, The Scientist, for years to come - and you just can't beat it.

Top musicianship and authentic Tubby style versioning... Big spring reverbs, hi-pass filtered hi-hats, metallic snares and blazing horns over heavy, dubwise cuts of two of reggae's biggest rhythms - Dawn Penn's 'No No No' - retitled 'North Circular Dub' and the evergreen 'Real Rock' - retitled '95 South Dub'.

This one is simply a must if you like dub music.

North Circular Dub ('No, No, No' Rhythm)

95 South Dub ('Real Rock' Rhythm)