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Kinlaw - Drax

Haunter Records

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Jezuz -

Kinlaw steps up once more, still in full armour from recent onslaughts with sparring partner Franco Franco for Avon Terror Corps, this four track dubplate (only 30 copies exist!) for Haunter Records sounds like he's returned to the battle scene, standing at the edge of the crater, performing the ritualistic pouring of hot embers, molten metal and myrrh right into the soundboy's grave.... Stir up the mix of bones, dirt, broken armour and bloodied swords and feed it back to the orc, for we are not done yet.

Nah, seriously though - this is some of the best stuff we've heard in a while... right from the first cut (skilled olde Bristolians Franco Franco and Sunun in towe!) which fizzes like the solemn outro to their recent LP for ATC, through to the ultra low-slung bass guitar, brutish sword buckling and orc-awakening MG 1666 DD - fucking hell this one's good - and then onto flipside motions 'Rake' & 'Tript' which bring a new kind of light into Kinlaw's journey, kinda reminiscent of his NoCorner outing 'Corfe' in the way it moves with his very own kind of skewed & slurred semi-lucid junglist grime.

Absolute bad boy thing this - so so good.
And yeah it's 30 quid - but this is a hand-cut dubplate pretty much getting sold at cost price, only 30 of them exist and each one comes with some rather tasty metallic colour stickers... This is better than those three other records you bought anyway! ; P

Edition of 30,
hand-cut dubplate edition.
Served with a gang of metallic / colour stickers.

Agglestone ft. Franco Franco & Sunun

MG 1666 DD