Kitchen Cynics - Beads Upon An Abacus (The Trilogy Tape LP)

The Trilogy Tapes

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Woozy psychadelic folk, recorded to four track tape 'in the loft above the Morgue' by Alan 'Kitchen Cynics' Davidson, from Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Trilogy Tapes always come with the goods - so many great records from that label over the years, and a stylistically wide-spanning selection too.

This recent one from Kitchen Cynics (with a long discography going back to '88) jumped out at us once more, this time mainly for it's raw, stripped back song style, and the humble musicality of it all.

Whether it's a piece played on Accordion, with flutes and guitar humming in the background as Alan recalls his stories, or for the tape warbled acoustics and that specific kind of timing and harmony that you hear when a musician is left to explore the rhythm and tuning of their instrument in full, without too much restriction from other instruments or over-arrangements - the beauty of the limitations of the four track tape, or perhaps just a choice from a solo artist with strong ideas that don't need over-polishing, or embellishing too much.

Wether it's the hope-filled, yet teary-eyed accordion line on 'Mistress Forsyth's Jump', the saturated, woozy keys and sliding guitar on Dr 'MacQueen Feeds The Media Frenzy', the lullaby pheasantry of 'Bluetit Babies', or the brittle distortion and hushed voice on 'Beads Upon An Abacus' -

This record is one of those ones that will grow on you with each song, and even if you didn't expect it to 'be your thing' - we'd wager that if you give it a chance, maybe even an extra listen, you might thank yourself later -

It's a really strong record, beautifully understated, a proper quiet storm.

Comes in standardly sick looking sleeve too, Will Bankhead at the controls.

1. Theme For Gwen
2. Dr Guild
3. Mistress Forsyth's Jump
4. Holburning
5. Persian Carpet In Reverse
6. Dr MacQueen Feeds The Media Frenzy
7. Phosphorus Tenement
8. Bluetit Babies (instrumental)
9. Beads Upon An Abacus
10. The Entrepreneurs

Theme For Gwen

Persian Carpet In Reverse

Beads Upon An Abacus

Mistress Forsyth's Jump